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What are the differences between the three Timequbes?

TImequbes come in 3 varieties:

Classic - For business / education. Most used meeting / learning presets.
For business meetings as an add-on to meeting rooms
For timing school classes
For public speakers to beautifully time themselves in front of the public
For roundtable sessions and similar

Home Office - For Working From Home
To remind yourself about breaks on home office
To keep you stay undistracted by others in the household

Mind - This Timeqube was developed together with over 100 psychotherapists.
For Psychotherapy and other Mind/Body Therapies.
Time presets suitable for Therapists including 50 minute program
4 colors used - mint, yellow, orange, purple
Purple instead of Red when time's up.
Slower color transitions for less distraction
3 brightness levels
Fit for sensory therapies

Time presets are fixed! You can order Timequbes with customized times of your choice. Here's more

Updated on: 24/08/2021

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